Billing Integrated Controller

This is your billing system integrated with your website. Not the other way around.

Unlimited module potential. Licenses start from €5 per month.


We will install Billic for you within 12 hours of you providing your web hosting information.

€10 per installation

Custom Module

We create a module to meet your exact specifications that can interface with servers through SSH or API.

€20 per hour

Custom Theme

We will design a theme for Billic that matches your company's branding. It will be of very high quality.

€200 per theme

Template Port

Do you have a pre-made website template? We can tailor it for you so that it incorporates Billic perfectly.

€100 per template port

Module Audit

Get your module audited for security holes. Give Billic users confidence to choose your module.

€1 per 10 lines of beautified code