Billing Integrated Controller

This is your billing system integrated with your website. Not the other way around.

Unlimited module potential. Licenses start from €5 per month.

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Solid Code

Billic's code has not been quickly rushed together. The main core has been written by a single experienced programmer to the point where all points of penetration have been checked. The code has also been looked over and optimized many times, so there simply isn't room for a security hole.

Custom Built Database Class

Custom built database class based on the MySQLi PHP extension which makes it easy for any module to prevent SQL injections.

Security is our number one priority. After all, if it isn't secure we might as well not code it in the first place.
- Lead Developer

Anti-Fraud System

Billic allows you to protect yourself and your business from chargebacks and fraud using the free Maxmind module. It works by comparing a user's billing address with their IP address information everytime they login. With full history and risk assessment you can rest assured that your users are trustworthy. Maxmind is an affordable subscription service that can save you much, much more than what it costs.

Order Forms

Order forms allow you to construct a form for your users to order a product or service. You can setup billing per-option and pass variables to a module for automating custom upgrades or entire plans.


You can specify many settings for a plan such as billing cycles, pro-rata, price and module variables to pass to a module for automation. The billing cycles you choose are shown to the person ordering before they complete the order. For example you can entice people to pay yearly for a discount in return.

Billing Cycles

You can configure your own billing cycles which can be anything from 60 seconds to several years. You can give a discount for certian billing cycles.

Discount Tiers

The perfect way to reward your loyal customers is by giving them a discount. You can configure how much discount to give users depending on the amount of active services they have in their account. The discount is calculated everytime an invoice is generated so their level can go up as well as down.


Invoice your clients for the services they order. Services are setup after payment and automatically suspended and later terminated if a renewal invoice is not paid. Automation is controlled my Modules. You can also create custom invoices for once-off services.


You can record expenses as transactions. Then using accounting modules you can automate your accounting reports.

Pro-Rata Ordering

If you wish to have all your clients pay you on the same day you can setup Pro-Rata billing. This allows you to charge up to a date for the first month and then everyone's service date will line up for that particular plan.

Tax Rules

Allows you to specify countries to charge tax. For example, you can charge VAT for European countries and zero-rate VAT for countries outside Europe.

Zero-rate Tax

Billic allows your users to specify their VAT number. Their invoices will be zero-rated if their country is an allowed country for zero-rate VAT.

Unified User Area

The user area is almost the same for admins and normal users. The only difference is that Admin's get access to the Admin Menu below the User Menu. This means that Admin's have a normal account at the same time, which allows them to have their own Services under their account.

Quick insights to vital information

The admin dashboard is an important Billic feature. It allows you to see an overview of all important information from a single page. You can re-order modules and it is very easy to create new modules.

Easy Module Management

Main Billic Modules

Billing Cycles Dashboard Discount Tiers
Email Templates Forgot Password
Invoices Mass Email Modules
My Account Order Order Forms
Permissions Plans Register
Settings Tax Themes
Tickets Transactions Users
Remote Billic Service Servers Services

Payment Gateway Modules

Bitcoin CashU OKPay
PayPal Payza Perfect Money
SagePay Skrill Stripe
WebMoney BitPay

Control Panel Modules

WHM/cPanel Virtualic

SolusVM (In Dev)

Fraud Prevention Modules

Maxmind Fraudic

Registrar Modules

Reseller Club

Other Modules

Buy cPanel Import WHMCS
Google Authenticator

Easy Theme Management

You can easily change the header, footer and css through the Billic interface.


So let's say you're running Billic on your website. If your reseller also uses Billic they can import your plans and order forms so that they can resell your services. When their client pays them the service will be automatically created at your side. But that's not all! When the end client renews the service at the reseller's website, the service will be automatically renewed at your side. Billic also proxies the control panel to the end user for full transparency and automation.

Website Page Management

Add pages to your website with a few clicks. You can add PHP code and inline CSS. If you don't want to make a module this is a perfect way to get pages added to your website quickly.

Servers Module

This module allows you to add SSH details to your Billic installation. It allows other modules to connect to your server and execute commands over SSH in a very easy way.

Example Code - Print kernel information
->module('Servers'); // Load the Server Module
$data $billic->modules['Servers']->exec(array(
'server' => 'server name'// The server name inside Billic's Server Module
'command' => 'uname -a'// The command to execute
'debug' => false// Outputs the time it takes to connect and execute the command to stdout
'timeout' => 10// The command will time out and return after 10 seconds